Friday, July 29, 2005

Tate Seminar on Publics

One might as well not try not to sound like a broken record when, in fact, one is.

The link below is a great resource for thinking about the contemporary formation of publics, something that I've been trying to think about in the context of internet-based photography and, less directly, any number of online activities (so, I think Lawence Lessig and Eric Raymond and McKenzie Wark are all describing features of how contemporary publics work) . At the beginning of his talk, Warner declares that thinking about sexuality needs to be at the center of any conversation about publics, and then goes on to show why this perspective is so incredibly productive. You can find a record of the talks here:

Making Public Seminar 1, Tate Modern

Special note for those of my friends who are interested in affect and generational formations. Warner's entire talk is structured around the role of affect in public life, but he really gets down to it starting at minute 17. And he answers a question about (stylisations of) generational conflict at 1 hour and 17 minutes.
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