Friday, July 01, 2005

Finally Something to Show

I know I've mentioned this art exhibition, Day to Day Data, opening in Nottingham on July 20th, then travelling to Portsmouth in September 2005 and finally coming to London in March 2006. As far as I'm concerned, it explores many of the themes I've been exploring and wanting to explore with my photography research. Which is why it was such a gift to get commissioned to write for it (thank you Sarah Cook and Ellie Harrison).

So, the essay I wrote for the show draws strongly, if somewhat subterraneanly, from my work on this project. I consider it my first official "output" (I wonder if the ESRC will feel the same). You can find it here: "Better the Data You Know..."

Also, Sarah Cook and Ben Highmore have both written excellent essays, Highmore's dealing with the (subject) matter of everyday life and Cook's detailing some of the discussions and themes which originally galvanised the show.
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