Monday, March 07, 2005

Spark Jumps the Gap

I think this is an important post by Jeremy.

That's most of what I wanted to say, except this amplification: in a post which seems to be primarily about the photographer's and the blogger's experience of her own material, notice the points at which a spark jumps the gap, to something else, to someone else. Look at Jeremy's ideas about "blank time" for instance, in which time is something precious, and can therefore be stolen, re-claimed, lost, possessed, protected, but never absolutely. Which points to something paradoxical and interesting about Jeremy's idea that blog posts (photographs, text, comic strips, etc.) are a way for the photographer/blogger to repossess time as their own--because the mechanism for this is to post those reclaimed moments to the web, to reclaim them precisely *by* posting them to the web. This is perhaps not the most intuitive way to protect one's experiences, to lay a kind of personal claim to them. And certainly this does not jibe with the accounts which grumpily malign blogs as narcissistic (e.g. see the New York Times Review of Books review of Nicholson Baker's book Checkpoint, here), where the connection between blogger and reader is a such an impoverished one: cliche, un-lively, mean. Quite unlike what Jeremy and other bloggers describe, where the circuit is so much wilder and multi-vocal and oddly productive.
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