Monday, March 14, 2005

"Personal Photography"?

As a way to try to define my interests in this research, I've often used the phrase "personal photography." What does this mean? It has an evocative power for me, but doesn't bear up well under other forms of scrutiny, as was pointed out to me, perspicuously, by chromasia.

I think this is mostly what I mean: I’m interested in photographs which get put on the web and which are anchored to personal sites like blogs and flickr accounts—however linked, promiscuously used, and widely disseminated they become as a result of their presence on those kinds of sites. These are often photographs which are presented in the spirit of “sharing" (as long as we mostly disregard the flabbier connotations of that word, instead apprehending a number of different intentions for and outcomes of that sharing: feedback, creative re-use, historical record-making, autobiography, geographic documentation, collaboration, etc.). Which leads me to the framing for the project that so far feels most comfortable: new uses for photography.
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