Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Stop Thinking That!

In talking with Chromasia just now, he said something which struck me as really important, and not just because it had never occurred to me before, but a little bit because it dislodges a bit of my thinking that had gotten stuck.

He emphasised how his photoblog is just that, a photoblog, and important to him as such. My problem was this: because his (and many other photobloggers') photographs are so accomplished, and because in his comment box conversations, he seems to put so much emphasis on photography as such, on the technical and aesthetic aspects of a shot, I had been starting to think about *that* kind of photoblog as more of a gallery or portfolio than a blog. Which is wrong. Plain wrong, but also categorically confused. Simple classifications are just not going to work; I seem to have to learn that 10 times a day.

The thing he said which really struck me was that, even or especially on a technically/aesthetically focused site,
"there's a journey of sorts that's told by the photographs themselves (which includes changes of style, focus, equipment, and so on)...". By which he refers to a narrative spun out over time, a kind of continuity in the photoblog (over and above the bare fact that photographs go there) which is akin to that found in the archetypical or historical form of blogging, where, in many cases, it's the personality or some abiding interest of the blogger, related through text, which provides the continuity. And in photoblogs, Chromasia points out, it might be the same thing, but the photographs themselves carry and form the narrative.

Thanks to Chromasia for all of his help.
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