Friday, February 04, 2005

Persistent Vision

Thank you Persistent Vision for distracting me from my project with talk about punk rock, an excellent sandwich from the world's smallest deli, and a most picturesque bench for sitting.

But also for the insight that toy camers are a "shortcut" to a certain photographic aesthetic. That's very nice. It points out the palpable link between technology (optics, but also the ways we differently invest in technology, e.g. as high-tech or low-tech, consumerist and less consumerist, etc.) and the ways we've learned to value photographs. It's something that escapes the notice of Bourdieu and Sontag and other past writers on photography—which was probably not oversight on their part, but the lack of an opportunity to consider so many photographic technologies operating at once (as we see when we look at photoblogs). Meaning: the lack of an opportunity to witness so many discrete technologies (digital, film, Lomo, SLR, camera, etc.), but also the lack of an opportunity to see so many photographs.
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