Thursday, January 20, 2005

Poppies the First

Very good Instant Messaging interview with yesterday afternoon. It was a follow-up interview actually, about 15 months after I first spoke to her about her photographs and her livejournal blog. Things change fast in the blog world, as they do in the world world. She's moved to a new country. She has two new websites for her photography (including and one due out in short order) and continues to be active on her original livejournal. And she's taking more photographs than ever. These changes seem like diversifications to me. A spreading out into new forms, but related to more keenly felt interests and more clearly specified goals. "Goals" is the wrong word, because in blogs, I've found, goals are less ends than they are means to ends (which are often unknown or unspecified at the outset). The blog itself (for instance) appears to be an end, an outcome, but seems to function far more actively as the means to many and various ends. Further evidence: her photoblog, and all of the activities that constitute it (photography, photographic rambles, the photographs themselves, conversations about photographs staged in comment boxes all over the web...) has been, at least in part, generative of these changes.

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