Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Photography's Erotic Flaws

Lovely thing about interviews: they don't let you hold onto either assumptions or conclusions for long. Yesterday morning, I wondered aloud and in print about whether the experience of viewing photographs online fosters a kind of double vision: on the content of the photo (seeing through the photo) and, at the same time, on the photograph itself (sight at the photo's surface). When along came yesterday afternoon's interviews with pixeldiva and Dick's Daily, during which pixeldiva described one of the pleasures of blog photography as the opportunity to glimpse the personality beneath the posts (despite their formal qualities, their grammar, their compositional qualities), and Dick's Daily distinguished blog photography from other forms of photography (not absolutely distinguished, but provisionally) by its friendliness to accident, to informality, to what, in the context of "proper" photography, can look like a mistake or simply a "bad" photo. Bad light. Bad focus. Graininess. Somehow, these qualities suit blog photography, or blog photography welcomes them. And to pixeldiva's point, maybe personality shows through (is nicely refracted by) these endearing flaws, or maybe personality travels within them.

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